Holistic Therapy

Means to treat the whole person not just the symptoms, working on the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental elements, thus giving us stronger foundations to carry us forward into the rest of our lives.


A fantastic treatment for anyone who is stressed, has any health concerns or trouble sleeping to name but a few. It can help to bring the body back into balance, giving us a stronger immune system, releasing endorphins (the body’s feel good hormone) and leaving you feeling refreshed and ready once again to take on the world.

Indian Head Massage

A wonderful treatment which brings an amazing feeling of relaxation and well being, in addition to reduced stress and toxin removal. Need to seriously chill out? Try this one.

Thermal Auricular Therapy (Ear Candles)

This treatment is growing in popularity and is fantastic for relieving the symptoms of headaches, sinuses, compact ear wax, restoring balance to the ears for frequent swimmers and air passengers.

Swedish Massage

This deep tissue, stress relieving massage is designed to reduce tension and relax tired and aching muscles. Total relaxation is achieved with the addition of therapeutic massage oils.

Lava Shell Massage

Experience the healing warmth of the Tropics with this ultimate, luxuriant massage. Lava Shell Massage eases tension in the muscles, relieves painful arthritic joints and removes toxins from the system. As seen on 'The Apprentice'.